Russian Post, Russian Railways and PortExpress are testing a new accelerated container train.

On October 1, 2023, from the Vorsino station of the Moscow Railway, Russian Post and Russian Railways sent a high-speed container train on the route Moscow–Novorossiysk–Moscow for a test run. In Novorossiysk, the railway service is connected to the accelerated sea lines of the SILMAR Group to India, the UAE and the countries of Southeast Asia .

The train passed the route from Vorsino station to the Novorossiysk port faster than conventional container services, like a fast passenger train - 33 hours instead of more than 2 days. New rail transportation technology can become a high-quality alternative to road delivery on this route.

Expedited container transport is possible due to the formation of a train from innovative fitting platforms designed to travel at speeds of up to 140 km/h. They were provided for transportation by JSC Federal Freight Company (a subsidiary of JSC Russian Railways). Russian Railways, together with PortExpress specialists, developed a special schedule and also prepared locomotives capable of achieving the specified speed limit. On its first voyage, a train of 20 high-speed cars will deliver 80 large-tonnage containers to the port.

In Novorossiysk, container wil be loaded on vessels of international sea lines of the SILMAR Group. The operation of railway and sea terminals is integrated into a single technological process, which allows us to guarantee customers the maximum frequency of shipments and the shortest transit time. This significantly increases the speed of multimodal sea routes that connect Moscow with the ports of India, the UAE and Southeast Asia.