The recent TransRussia 2024 exhibition, as tradition dictates, became a significant event in logistics.
Over three days, thousands of guests visited the stand of Silmar Group - including representatives of Russian and international logistics, government structures, and experts in logistics and foreign trade. Dozens of meetings were held with clients and representatives of container lines. Within the special SkladTech project organized at the TransRussia 2024 venue, meetings took place with various manufacturers and players in the warehouse and handling equipment market. A series of successful trilateral negotiations allowed for discussions on both current commercial and operational issues, as well as projects in the nearest future, for further advancement in the logistics services market. Exhibition participants made new acquaintances, learned about upcoming market trends, summarized their cooperation, and identified the vectors for further business development with partners. The exhibition served as further evidence that modern Russian logistics competently handles new challenges and successfully adapts to new realities.
The Sylmar group of companies has been participating in the TransRussia exhibition since 2012.
The Sylmar group of companies has been participating in the TransRussia exhibition since 2012. Over the years, work at the TransRussia exhibition has provided an opportunity to simultaneously solve a number of problems. The company expanded partnerships, scaled up in the market and implemented new formats of cooperation. The exhibition allows you to evaluate market trends, customer needs and solutions in the field of transport logistics, and opportunities to promote your own products and brand. The main goals of Sylmar participation this year: -Promotion of services of agented Lines; -Brand development in the market of sea carriers, forwarders, customs brokers; -Meetings with regular and potential clients. The Silmar group of companies invites colleagues and partners to join the exhibition. Together we will be able to discuss prospects for development and cooperation. You can find us: Pavilion 3, Hall 14, Stand B4117. Our company’s individual promotional code for registering partners and clients: tr24eRPRO.
The 28th international exhibition TransRussia will be held in Moscow on March 19-21.
On March 19, the TransRussia exhibition, the largest exhibition of transport and logistics services, equipment and technologies in Russia and the CIS, will open on the territory of the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center. Every year the exhibition has more than 400 participating companies from 22 countries. TransRussia provides opportunities to both study the transport and logistics market and find new business partners, as well as establish contacts with leading specialists and experts in the industry. During the exhibition, participants will be able to discuss trends, exchange experiences and share real cases for solving business problems facing the market. The exhibition exposition contains 12 sections, concentrating all types of services offered by companies in the field of transport logistics: - Comprehensive logistics services and freight forwarding; - Air cargo transportation; - Road transportation; - Railway companies and rail freight operators; - Sea and river transportation; - Ports and terminals, cargo handling services in ports; - Logistics, distribution centers and terminals; - Oversized transportation and project cargo; - Services (customs, financial, support, security); - IT solutions; - Machinery, equipment and components; - Logistics for e-commerce. The Silmar group of companies invites colleagues and partners to join the exhibition. Together we will be able to discuss prospects for development and cooperation. You can find us: Pavilion 3, Hall 14, Stand B4117.
SILMAR SHIPPING's Russia–India service expands the geography of ship calls at the ports of Jebel Ali and Karachi.
Starting with December SILMAR SHIPPING containership service between Russia and India enwidens the geography of port calls. Responding to market needs, SILMAR SHIPPING decided to add port calls to Jebel Ali, the UAE and Karachi, Pakistan to the originally existing route Novorossiysk - Mundra. Rotation of the modernized service will be: Novorossiysk – Jebel Ali – Karachi – Mundra – Novorossiysk. Due to service update transit time for declared route has been changed as well. Service transit time: Novorossiysk – Jebel Ali – 14 days; Novorossiysk – Karachi – 18 days; Novorossiysk – Mundra – 20 days; Mundra – Novorossiysk – 17 days.
Russian Post, Russian Railways and PortExpress are testing a new accelerated container train.

On October 1, 2023, from the Vorsino station of the Moscow Railway, Russian Post and Russian Railways sent a high-speed container train on the route Moscow–Novorossiysk–Moscow for a test run. In Novorossiysk, the railway service is connected to the accelerated sea lines of the SILMAR Group to India, the UAE and the countries of Southeast Asia .

The train passed the route from Vorsino station to the Novorossiysk port faster than conventional container services, like a fast passenger train - 33 hours instead of more than 2 days. New rail transportation technology can become a high-quality alternative to road delivery on this route.

Expedited container transport is possible due to the formation of a train from innovative fitting platforms designed to travel at speeds of up to 140 km/h. They were provided for transportation by JSC Federal Freight Company (a subsidiary of JSC Russian Railways). Russian Railways, together with PortExpress specialists, developed a special schedule and also prepared locomotives capable of achieving the specified speed limit. On its first voyage, a train of 20 high-speed cars will deliver 80 large-tonnage containers to the port.

In Novorossiysk, container wil be loaded on vessels of international sea lines of the SILMAR Group. The operation of railway and sea terminals is integrated into a single technological process, which allows us to guarantee customers the maximum frequency of shipments and the shortest transit time. This significantly increases the speed of multimodal sea routes that connect Moscow with the ports of India, the UAE and Southeast Asia.

June 14th has become the start of operating for new vessel of Silmar Line called Silmar Spirit.
The vessel Silmar Spirit under the flag of Panama was taken into operation by SILMAR LINE on 14.06.2023. Silmar Spirit is able to carry refrigerated containers. The vessel itself has a deadweight over 30000 tones, and its capacity counts 1768 TEU. Ningbo became the first port that the vessel called under the new name, then it had visited other basic ports of China (Shanghai, Qingdao Shekou), as well as the port of Debel Ali and Mundra.
Container ship BOSON of ECONOSHIP Line gave a start for voyage frequency increasing on the route from Nhava-Sheva, India, to Novorossiysk.
ECONOSHIP Line being a business partner of Silmar Group increases voyage frequency from Nhava-Sheva, India, to Novorossiysk. Containership BOSON with a deadweight over 22 thousand tones became a new vessel for this route by arriving to Novorossiysk seaport on August 5th. For the present moment ECONOSHIP Line is the only one operator, who provides direct shipping from India to Novorossiysk. Nord-star Agency LLC, part of Silmar Group, acts as liner agent for ECONOSHIP in Russia.
New warehousing complex opening in Novorossiysk.
Silmar Logistic has announced the opening of a new warehousing facility in Novorossiysk. The warehouse is situated on a total area of more than 5 hectares and is classified as B+, with storage areas of 7 thousand square meters. The warehouse is equipped with a container platform that can accommodate up to 2500 TEU of simultaneous storage. This complex is one of the few warehouse complexes in Novorossiysk of this class that has a rack system. The warehouse provides the possibility of complex processing for various nomenclature cargo, and loading and unloading operations of any complexity are carried out.
From October 1, 2023, a new form of transit declaration will begin to operate in the Eurasian Economic Union
From October 1, 2023, a new form of transit declaration will begin to operate in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), according to the website of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC). It is provided both in traditional, paper and electronic form.
On June 1, Russian seaport Vladivostok is officially open for handling Chinese transit cargo
On June 1, a decision came into force, according to which domestic Chinese transit can be carried out through the Russian port of Vladivostok. The decision mainly concerns the northeastern Chinese provinces of Jilin and Heilongjiang, which are landlocked
Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan will conduct an experiment on cargo transportation using electronic navigation seals.
Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan will conduct an experiment on cargo transportation using electronic navigation seals. The corresponding resolution has already been signed by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin and published on the Official Internet portal of legal information. As can be understood from the text of the document, the pilot project will apply to all types of goods transported between countries by road and rail.
«Today Russia is a unique market in terms of container logistics» Andrey Naraevskiy - Development Director of Silmar Group
Infranews, the largest news aggregator in the Russian Federation, interviewed our development director Andrey Naraevskiy. Andrey shared the reporters with information regarding processes of the Silmar Group logistics system, assessed development trends of this industry, and also told about the company’s further plans. “What is the major specialization of Silmar companies group? – The Silmar Group has been created 20 years ago. The first office was opened in Spain, from where we initially organized ceramic tiles and sanitary ware export and logistics from local manufacturers to the Russian market. After that, offices appeared in St. Petersburg and other Russian ports, and the list of our cargoes and routes grew exponentially. Over the past years, only our work profile has not changed - logistics and international trade: we provide services for end-to-end delivery of goods and management of transport solutions for our clients...” “ – Just recently you have worked for Maersk. What are the fundamental differences on working in a Russian company? – The differences are valuable! Large Western companies maintain their external market and internal company activity in a completely different way. In other words, established European businesses like Maersk have existed for decades, and everything there is quite clearly regulated and systematized. The procedures and division of labor of employees have been worked out. In such a structure, everything is mostly subordinated to the most efficient and sustainable work, standardization of processes at the global level. At the same time, opportunities for flexibility, adaptation of solutions to local specifics, and space for a non-standard approach are often deliberately limited. In Russia we are now in a situation where we have to do a lot by ourselves, look for new solutions and build everything almost from scratch. This makes it possible to realize ideas that were previously impossible or not in demand.” “Which forecasts would you give for the Russian market in general? – Making forecasts in our time is a particularly thankless task. Based on the experience of last year, we see that the market quickly responded to external challenges and successfully integrated into new realities. Therefore, we can expect that everything further will depend on the dynamics of the Russian economy. One thing is for sure: the market is ready for these changes. – What are your future plans for scaling the route network? Are you overviewing routes such as the Northern Sea Route? Maersk tested this route at one time... – The history of container transportation along the NSR has been actively developing in the last few years. However, we believe that the potential of traditional supply routes has not yet been fully exhausted. A huge plus is that transporting containers along the NSR is technically possible. But in the current realities, we also understand that those areas that were created over the past 30 years and adjusted in the year and a half since the beginning of the SMO are now still more effective.” You can read the full version of the article on the source website Source:
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