On June 1, Russian seaport Vladivostok is officially open for handling Chinese transit cargo
On June 1, a decision came into force, according to which domestic Chinese transit can be carried out through the Russian port of Vladivostok. The decision mainly concerns the northeastern Chinese provinces of Jilin and Heilongjiang, which are landlocked.
The Zhoushan Yongzhou container terminal and Jiaxing Zhapu port in eastern Zhejiang Province have been identified as the entry port for transit traffic from Vladivostok.

According to the Global Times, Chinese logistics companies are already showing interest in this route, as it allows you to save money on the delivery of goods from the north-eastern to the southern provinces of the country. According to the Global Times, using Vladivostok for domestic Chinese transit of goods will save at least 2 thousand yuan (approximately 280 dollars) from each container.

For Russia, the inclusion of Vladivostok among the ports for internal Chinese transit not only means deepening economic and customs ties with China, but also to some extent may become an additional impetus to the development of logistics infrastructure in general.

It is expected that this route will also be actively used for the export of products from the northeast of China to Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries. The active use of this route will inevitably entail an influx of investments, as well as the creation of automobile transport corridors and an increase in the capacity of border crossings.